Style Beyond Measure: Trendy Clothing Brand Names for Fashion Forward Individuals!

Clothes Brand Names

Starting your own clothing business is super exciting! But, uh-oh, picking the right clothes brand names can be kinda tricky. It’s like having too many cool ice cream flavors to choose from overwhelming!

No worries, though! We get it. That’s why we made big, awesome lists of Clothing Brand Names. Whether you’re going online, setting up a real store, or making clothes in a factory, we’ve got your back!

Starting something new is fun, but having too many choices for clothes brand names can be a bit scary. It’s like standing in front of a massive candy aisle which one do you pick?

Imagine having a name that everyone loves. People should hear it and go, “Wow, that’s cool!” We want your customers to remember your brand’s name like it’s their favorite song.

Our list is not just random words; it’s a collection of super cool names for your brand. We’ve thought about how each name feels and what stories they tell. We want your brand to be more than just a name; we want it to be a story.

As you start thinking about what to call your clothing brand, use our lists as a guide. It’s like having a treasure map but for cool clothes brand names. We’re not just giving you some lists; we’re helping you find the perfect name that feels right for you.

Dive in, have fun, and discover the Clothing Brand Names that will be on all your clothes! Your brand is waiting for a name that’s as awesome as your fashion ideas. Let’s get started on this exciting journey!

550+ Best Clothes Brand Names

Find the newest and coolest clothes brand names here. These clothing brand names are all about staying stylish and up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

  • UrbanElegance
  • StellarStyle
  • NovaThreads
  • LuxeChic
  • EvolveApparel
  • EchoFashion
  • ModaFusion
  • VerveVogue
  • EtherealEnsemble
  • DapperDaze
  • PrismPulse
  • SvelteSociety
  • InfinityWardrobe
  • ZenithThreads
  • EnigmaEmporium
  • LuminaryLuxe
  • EliteElegance
  • AuraApparel
  • VividVogue
  • OpulentOutfits

Unique Fashion Clothes Brand Names

Discover special and one-of-a-kind fashion brand names. These clothes brand names will make your brand stand out, offering customers something exclusive and different.

  • Enchanted Attire
  • Luminary Threads
  • Elysian Apparel
  • Celestial Chic
  • Ethereal Elegance
  • Phoenix Fashion
  • Seraphic Style
  • Mystique Wardrobe
  • Nebula Couture
  • Aurora Avenue
  • Velvet Veil
  • Radiant Raiment
  • Enigma Ensemble
  • Whispering Wardrobe
  • Zenith Attire
  • Prism Apparel
  • Mirage Mode
  • Essence Couture
  • Vortex Vesture
  • Luminous Label

Stylish Brand Names for Clothes

Make your clothing line stand out with these stylish clothes brand names. They give off a sense of class and good taste, perfect for making a statement in the fashion world.

  • LuxeLyric
  • VogueVista
  • ChicCatalyst
  • SvelteStyle
  • NovaNiche
  • EliteEnsemble
  • OpulentOutfit
  • EleganceEdge
  • ModaMuse
  • StellarStitch
  • AuraApparel
  • RadiantRaiment
  • PristinePulse
  • UrbaneUtopia
  • DapperDreams
  • CoutureCove
  • LuminaryLine
  • EnigmaEmporium
  • EffortlessElegance
  • TrendTrove

Hip Clothing Brand Names

Add some coolness to your brand with these hip clothing line names. These clothes brand names are perfect for brands that want to appeal to people who love the latest trends and urban style.

  • GrooveGarb
  • UrbanVibe
  • RetroRebel
  • StreetSwagger
  • FunkyFusion
  • ChicChatter
  • TrendTide
  • FreshFinesse
  • ModMingle
  • HipHaven
  • StyleSonic
  • CoolCraze
  • SwagStyle
  • TrendyTribe
  • UrbanUtopia
  • StreetSavvy
  • FashionFusion
  • FunkyThreads
  • TrendyTrove
  • UrbanEpic

Cool Apparel Brand Name Ideas

Keep it cool with these ideas for your apparel brand. These clothes brand names are great for brands that want a laid-back yet stylish vibe.

  • ChillThreads
  • CoolCouture
  • ArcticApparel
  • IcebergFashion
  • FrostyFusion
  • GlacierGarb
  • PolarStyle
  • ChilledChic
  • FrostbiteFashion
  • IcyIcon
  • SnowstormStyle
  • ArcticAesthetic
  • GlacierGlam
  • FrostFlair
  • IcicleInnovations
  • ArcticAura
  • SnowfallFashion
  • FrozenFinesse
  • FrostyFlair
  • PolarPanache

Edgy Fashion Clothing Brand Names

If you’re all about breaking the rules in fashion, these edgy clothing brand names are for you. They’re bold and unique, perfect for those who like to stand out.

  • RebelRaiment
  • EdgeEnsemble
  • NoirNiche
  • DarkDynasty
  • RogueRaiment
  • ShadowStyle
  • RebelRogue
  • UrbanOutcast
  • EdgeEmpire
  • ObsidianApparel
  • ShadowChic
  • RebelRevolution
  • NoirNouveau
  • EdgeElegance
  • DarkDare
  • UrbanUprising
  • RebelRenaissance
  • ShadowSavvy
  • NoirNexxus
  • EdgeEssence

Catchy Clothes Brand Names

Get the best with these clothing brand names that scream quality and style. These clothes brand names will help your brand stand out as one of the best in the business.

  • TrendTrove – A brand that captures the latest fashion trends.
  • ChicCatalyst – A brand that sparks sophistication and elegance.
  • UrbanVogue – A brand that embodies city-style fashion.
  • StellarStitch – A brand known for its impeccable craftsmanship.
  • LuxeLyric – A brand that merges luxury with artistic expression.
  • NovaNiche – A brand that stands out as a newcomer in the fashion industry.
  • EtherealElegance – A brand that exudes delicate and graceful beauty.
  • RebelRaiment – A brand that embraces rebellion and nonconformity in fashion.
  • CelestialCharm – A brand inspired by the beauty of the cosmos.
  • AuroraAmber – A brand that symbolizes the dawn of a new fashion era.
  • NoirNiche – A brand that specializes in dark, mysterious aesthetics.
  • FrostyFlair – A brand known for its cool and refreshing style.
  • UrbanUtopia – A brand that offers an idealized vision of urban fashion.
  • SereneSoulSpace – A brand that promotes tranquility and peace through clothing.
  • MysticMoonlight – A brand that taps into the mystical allure of the night.
  • EnchantedEden – A brand that transports wearers to a magical realm through fashion.
  • PristinePulse – A brand that radiates purity and vitality.
  • EtherealEmber – A brand that combines ethereal beauty with fiery passion.
  • ArcticAesthetic – A brand that draws inspiration from the icy landscapes of the Arctic.
  • NoirNouveau – A brand that redefines noir fashion with a modern twist.
  • RebelRevolution – A brand that leads a rebellious movement in the fashion world.
  • FrostbiteFashion – A brand that embraces the chill with bold and daring designs.
  • ObsidianApparel – A brand that reflects the deep and mysterious qualities of obsidian.
  • ShadowSavvy – A brand known for its expertise in creating shadowy and enigmatic looks.
  • UrbanOutcast – A brand that celebrates individuality and uniqueness in urban fashion.
  • EdgeEnsemble – A brand that pushes boundaries and challenges conventions in clothing.
  • NoirNexxus – A brand that serves as the nexus of dark and avant-garde fashion.
  • RogueRaiment – A brand that caters to the free-spirited and adventurous fashionistas.
  • IcyIcon – A brand that commands attention with its icy-cool aesthetics.
  • ChicChatter – A brand that sparks conversation and buzz with its chic and trendy designs.

Chic Brand Names for Clothing

Add a touch of elegance to your clothing brand with these chic names. Perfect for brands that want to show off sophistication and timeless style.

  • LuxeLoom
  • ChicCove
  • EleganceEdge
  • VogueVista
  • CoutureCraze
  • OpulentOutfit
  • ModaMingle
  • SvelteStyle
  • StellarStitch
  • UrbaneUtopia
  • DapperDreams
  • CoutureCharm
  • NovaNiche
  • TrendTrove
  • VogueVerve
  • EtherealEssence
  • LuxeLyric
  • ChicChicane
  • VogueVortex
  • StylishSavvy

Modern Clothing Brand Names

Step into the future of fashion with these modern clothes brand names for your apparel line. They’re all about contemporary design and cutting-edge style.

  • ModishWear
  • UrbanChic
  • TrendSync
  • StyleSphere
  • ModeMingle
  • VogueVista
  • NovaThreads
  • CoutureCore
  • UrbanEdge
  • LuxeLoom
  • ChicCove
  • StylishStride
  • ModeMuse
  • TrendTribe
  • VogueVault
  • UrbaneStyle
  • CoutureChic
  • StyleSavvy
  • FashionFusion
  • ModeMomentum

Urban Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Capture city life with these ideas for your urban clothing brand. These clothes brand names are perfect for brands targeting a younger, urban crowd.

  • UrbanEra
  • StreetStyle Syndicate
  • UrbanEdge Apparel
  • CitySlick Clothing Co.
  • Concrete Couture
  • MetroMode Clothing
  • Urbanite Threads
  • Asphalt Attire
  • MetroChic Fashion
  • StreetSmart Style
  • UrbanPulse Apparel
  • Cityscape Couture
  • Downtown Dapper
  • CityLife Clothing Co.
  • Concrete Jungle Fashion
  • UrbanElite Apparel
  • StreetSwagger Style
  • MetroMaven Fashion
  • CityScape Chic
  • UrbanEdge Elegance

Luxury Fashion Label Brand Names

If you want your brand to feel luxurious and exclusive, check out these names. They’re perfect for reaching the heights of high-end fashion.

  • Opulent Opus
  • Elysian Elegance
  • Prestige Panache
  • Luxe Legacy
  • Grandeur Garb
  • Regal Runway
  • Noble Nouveau
  • Aristocrat Attire
  • Elite Ensemble
  • Luxuria Label
  • Majestic Mode
  • Imperial Infusion
  • Sovereign Style
  • Haute Heritage
  • Grandiose Glamour
  • Lavish Lineage
  • Aristocracy Apparel
  • Splendor Couture
  • Vogue Vault
  • Exquisite Echelon

Designer-Inspired Clothing Brand Names

Channel top designers with these inspired clothes brand names. They’re great for brands that want a touch of high fashion and creativity.

  • VogueVilla
  • HauteHouse
  • ChicChâteau
  • ModaManor
  • CoutureCastle
  • LuxeLair
  • EleganceEstate
  • GlamourGrove
  • StyleSanctuary
  • FashionFortress
  • TrendTemple
  • ModeMansion
  • CoutureCourtyard
  • StylishStronghold
  • VogueVestige
  • DesignerDwelling
  • CoutureCove
  • FashionFoyer
  • LuxeLodge
  • TrendTurret

Streetwear Clothes Brand Name Ideas

Embrace street culture with these streetwear brand ideas. Perfect for brands targeting a younger, urban audience, these names capture the energy and style of the streets.

  • UrbanVibe
  • StreetSavvy
  • CityChic
  • ConcreteCouture
  • MetroModa
  • StreetStyle Syndicate
  • Asphalt Apparel
  • StreetSwagger
  • UrbanEdge
  • CitySlick Clothing Co.
  • MetroMode
  • StreetSmart Style
  • CityLife Clothing Co.
  • Concrete Jungle Fashion
  • UrbanElite Apparel
  • Cityscape Couture
  • UrbanPulse Apparel
  • CityScape Chic
  • UrbanEdge Elegance
  • Streetwise Wear

Vintage-Inspired Clothing Names

Give your brand a timeless feel with these vintage-inspired clothing names. Nostalgic and classic, they’re perfect for blending old and new in the world of fashion.

  • RetroRevival
  • VintageVogue
  • TimelessThreads
  • ClassicChic
  • OldWorldStyle
  • HeritageHues
  • NostalgiaNook
  • AntiqueApparel
  • VintageVisage
  • RetroRaiment
  • TimelessTrends
  • ClassicCouture
  • VintageVista
  • RetroReverie
  • NostalgiaNiche
  • VintageValor
  • ClassicCraft
  • RetroRegalia
  • TimelessTextures
  • VintageVelvet

Casual Wear Clothing Brand Names

For brands that focus on comfort and ease, these casual wear clothing brand names are just right. They’re ideal for everyday style and a laid-back consumer.

  • ComfortCraze
  • RelaxedRaiment
  • LeisureLuxe
  • EasyEssentials
  • CasualChic
  • EverydayElegance
  • ChillCouture
  • LoungeLuxury
  • WeekendWardrobe
  • CasualClassics
  • RelaxedRevolution
  • EverydayEase
  • ComfortCouture
  • CasualComforts
  • LeisureLooks
  • EasygoingElegance
  • RelaxedStyle
  • CasualCharm
  • EffortlessElegance
  • ChillVibes Apparel

Sporty Apparel Clothing Brand Names

Bring some athleticism to your brand with these sporty apparel line names. Perfect for brands catering to active and fitness-focused consumers, these clothes brand names radiate energy and dynamism.

  • ActiveAvenue
  • SportStyle Squad
  • FitFlex Fashion
  • Athleisure Alley
  • DynamicDuds
  • SportySpree
  • ActiveWearhouse
  • FitFab Fashions
  • SportTech Threads
  • AthleticEdge Apparel
  • FlexFit Fashion
  • ActiveAxis Apparel
  • SportStride Styles
  • Athleisure Attire
  • ActiveZone Apparel
  • SportSense Style
  • FlexFashion Finds
  • ActiveEdge Apparel
  • SportShift Styles
  • FitForm Fashion

Quirky Clothes Brand Names

For brands that love being playful and different, these quirky clothing brand names are perfect. Stand out with a name that’s as unique and quirky as your designs.

  • FunkyFusion
  • WhimsyWear
  • QuirkyThreads
  • OddityOutfit
  • EclecticEnsemble
  • OffbeatApparel
  • QuirkQuest
  • PeculiarPicks
  • UnusualUrbane
  • EccentricElegance
  • QuirkChic
  • FunkyFinds
  • WhimsicalWardrobe
  • QuirkyQuotient
  • OddballOutfit
  • QuirkyCharm
  • WhimsyWardrobe
  • FunkyFits
  • QuirkCouture
  • EccentricElegance

Eco-Friendly Name For Brand Clothes

Celebrate sustainability with these eco-friendly clothing brand names. They’re ideal for brands committed to ethical fashion and resonate with consumers who care about the environment.

  • EarthThreads
  • GreenGarb
  • EcoChic Apparel
  • Sustainable Style Co.
  • NatureNest Clothing
  • LeafLine Wear
  • PurePurpose Apparel
  • EcoVogue Threads
  • RenewWear Fashion
  • Earthly Attire
  • EcoTrendy Threads
  • GreenGlam Garments
  • EarthElegance Apparel
  • Conscious Couture Co.
  • EcoEssentials Clothing
  • RenewedRags Fashion
  • EcoCrafted Threads
  • GreenStyle Attire
  • EarthWise Wardrobe
  • Nature’s Threadery

Clothing Brand Names for Males

Explore these names specifically crafted for men’s clothing brands. Whether it’s casual or formal wear, these names cater to the diverse fashion preferences of the modern male.

  • ManlyWear
  • GentGarb
  • BoldThreads
  • ForgeFashion
  • TitanTogs
  • VanguardVestures
  • NobleAttire
  • AlphaApparel
  • PrimePulse
  • ValorWear
  • MaverickMode
  • BoldBrands
  • ApexAttire
  • KnightlyCloth
  • SupremeStitch
  • UrbanUprise
  • RegalRaiment
  • Nobleman’sNest
  • BoldBrothers
  • WarriorWardrobe

Clothing Brand Names for Females

Cater to women’s fashion with these names designed exclusively for females. These names embrace the diverse styles of the modern woman, whether it’s chic, elegant, or casual.

  • FleurFashions
  • BlossomBoutique
  • ChicCharm
  • FemmeFinesse
  • GracefulGarb
  • EleganzaEmporium
  • RadiantRaiment
  • EnchantEssence
  • DivineDresses
  • BellaBoutique
  • QueenlyWardrobe
  • VogueVixen
  • LuxeLady
  • GlamGoddess
  • FabulousFemme
  • StarletStyle
  • OpulentOasis
  • FlairFemme
  • EnigmaElegance
  • AngelicApparel

Kid’s Clothing Brand Names

Make a mark in children’s fashion with these cute and playful kids clothing brand names. Perfect for brands that prioritize comfort and style for the younger generation.

  • TinyTrendz
  • LittleLuxe
  • KiddieCouture
  • MiniModa
  • PetitePizzazz
  • PlayfulThreads
  • SproutStyle
  • TinyTrendsetters
  • KidKouture
  • MiniMoxie
  • YouthfulYarns
  • TinyTrendsters
  • LittleLegends
  • MiniMarvels
  • SprightlySprouts
  • YoungYarn
  • SweetStyleKids
  • TotsThreads
  • KiddieChic
  • LittleLovelies

Senior Citizen Clothing Brand Names

Offer fashion solutions for seniors with these senior citizen clothing brand names. Comfort and style are key, to ensuring your brand meets the unique needs of an older demographic.

  • SageStyle
  • ElderElegance
  • GracefulGarments
  • SilverSartorial
  • WiseWear
  • SereneSeniors
  • GoldenGlamour
  • TimelessTrends
  • SophisticatedSages
  • SeniorStyleCo.
  • GrandeurGarb
  • ClassicComfort
  • WisdomWardrobe
  • ElderlyElegance
  • VintageVogue
  • SeniorChic
  • MajesticMaturity
  • ElderEssence
  • GoldenYearsGarb
  • PrimePulse

Funny Clothing Brand Names

Add some humor to fashion with these funny clothing brand names. Perfect for brands that want to bring a playful and lighthearted touch to their image, these names are sure to make customers smile.

  • PunnyThreads
  • LaughWear
  • WittyWardrobe
  • QuirkyCouture
  • ChuckleChic
  • JestStyle
  • WhimsicalWear
  • HilariousThreads
  • GiggleGarb
  • ComicCloset
  • SmileStyle
  • GuffawGarments
  • AmuseApparel
  • JokeJackets
  • HahaHoodies
  • FunkyFunnyFashion
  • ChuckleChic
  • GrinGear
  • SnickerStyle
  • ComedyClothingCo.

Creative Clothing Brand Names

Fuel your brand’s creativity with these imaginative and creative clothing brand names. Perfect for brands that want to push boundaries and redefine fashion with innovative designs.

  • ArtisanAesthetic
  • MuseMode
  • NoveltyNest
  • QuirkyQuill
  • InnovateThreads
  • FusionFinesse
  • EccentricEnsemble
  • AvantGardeApparel
  • ArtfulAttire
  • UniqueUrbane
  • ImaginativeWear
  • CraftyChic
  • WhimsyWardrobe
  • BoldBrushstroke
  • CreativeCouture
  • InspiredInnovations
  • ExpressiveElegance
  • OriginalOutfits
  • CuratedCreation
  • VisionaryVogue

Desi Clothing Brand Names

Celebrate diverse cultures with these Desi clothing brand names. Ideal for brands inspired by South Asian traditions, these names add a cultural flair to your label.

  • SareeSutra
  • EthnicEcho
  • IndiFusion
  • DesiDrape
  • KurtaKraft
  • BindiBoutique
  • CholiCharm
  • LehengaLux
  • SherwaniStyle
  • PatialaPride
  • DesiDivine
  • BandhaniBliss
  • SalwarStyle
  • AnarkaliAvenue
  • DesiChic
  • DhotiDazzle
  • JodhpuriJunction
  • GhagraGlam
  • PashminaParadise
  • BanarasiBliss
Clothes Brand Names

Crafting a Memorable Name For Brand Clothes: Tips for a Lasting Connection

Discover the art of selecting distinctive clothing brand names that resonate with your audience. Dive into practical tips to build a lasting connection through a brand name that tells a story and creates a memorable online presence.

how Your Brand:

When picking a name for your clothing brand, make sure it reflects what your brand is all about. Think about the style and personality of your brand. The name should show what makes your brand special. Whether it’s modern, timeless, or eco-friendly, the name should match your brand’s unique identity. Sharing stories about why you chose that name can help your audience feel a connection with your brand.

Make it interesting for your customers by telling them stories about why you picked the name. Let them know the inspiration behind it. This way, they can feel like they are part of your brand’s story, making the connection more meaningful.

Think About Your Customers:

Your brand name is the first thing customers will know about your business. It should match the style your customers like. Think about what feelings and thoughts you want your brand to bring to their minds. If your customers are young and like cool things, the name should feel that way. If they like classy things, the name should sound elegant.

Get your customers involved by asking for their opinions. You can do this through polls or contests on social media. This way, they feel important, and it creates excitement around your brand. Making the process fun and interactive helps build a strong emotional connection.

Make it Easy to Remember:

Your brand name should be easy to remember and say. A simple name is good for people to talk about your brand easily. Avoid names that are hard to say or remember. Having a name that sticks in people’s minds is great for your brand.

Engage your audience by creating interesting campaigns around your brand name. Share teasers that make people curious and excited. This makes your brand name memorable and gets people talking about it.

Check Website Name:

In today’s world, having an online presence is important. Before you decide on a brand name, check if the same name is available for your website. Having the same name online helps people find your brand easily.

Keep your audience entertained by involving them in the search for your website name. Share videos or posts about how your team is looking for the perfect online name. This makes the process fun and personal for your audience.

Check the Rules:

Before you decide on a name, check if it’s legally okay to use. Make sure no one else is using the same name. This helps you avoid legal problems later on. Doing this protects your brand and keeps things clear for your customers.

Keep your audience informed by sharing the steps you take to make sure your brand name is legal. Show them the behind-the-scenes of how you pick a name. This helps build trust with your audience, showing them that your brand is honest and responsible.

Fun Ways to Invent Your Clothing Brand Name

Finding the perfect name for your clothing brand can be a joyful journey filled with creativity and imagination. Instead of sticking to the ordinary, let’s explore some entertaining methods to craft a name that stands out.

From blending words to creating a visual story, these simple and exciting techniques will not only make your brand memorable but also resonate with your audience.

  • Combo Magic: Mix two words that fit your brand to create a cool name. Like, if your brand is all about comfy and stylish clothes, you can blend “Ease” and “Chic” to make a fun name like “Eazique.”
  • Symbol Story: Think of symbols that represent your brand and use them in your name. If your clothes are all about freedom and adventure, a name like “WanderWing” can show that feeling.
  • Picture Name: Make a board with pictures, colors, and textures that show your brand. Pick out things that stand out and turn them into a name. If your brand is all about feeling cozy, a name like “CozyHues” might work.
  • Culture Mix: Get ideas from different cultures. Mix words from different languages or use things from different cultures that fit your brand. This gives your name an international feel. For example, “ZenVogue” can show a mix of style and calm.
  • Personality Name: Imagine your brand like a person. Think about what kind of person it would be. Make a name that shows these qualities. If your brand is bold and strong, a name like “MettleCraze” can capture that spirit.
  • Feelings Name: Think about how your clothes make people feel. Consider the textures, colors, or scents. Make a name that brings these feelings to mind. For a brand with bright colors and soft textures, “VelvetVista” might be a good fit.
  • Future Style: Combine modern and futuristic ideas for a forward-thinking name. Mix up words that feel new and fresh. For a brand that loves cutting-edge fashion, “TechStyle Trends” could be a good fit.
  • Team Name Fun: Involve your audience in picking a name. Do contests, polls, or challenges on social media. This makes your audience feel part of your brand and brings in different ideas. You might find a great name that everyone loves.


We have provided a list of Clothing Brand Names to select a brand name that reflects your brand’s identity, engages customers through storytelling, considers the target audience’s preferences, ensures memorability, checks online availability and follows legal guidelines.

We have also suggested fun and creative methods for inventing unique clothes brand names, turning the naming process into an enjoyable and memorable journey.


The best name for a clothing brand is one that shows what your brand is about and is easy for people to remember. It should fit the style of your clothes and be something your customers will like. For example, the name “Zara” works well because it’s simple and known for trendy fashion.

Choosing a clothing brand name is like picking a name for a friend. First, think about what makes your brand special and who you want to wear your clothes. Ask people what they think about the names you like. Make sure the name is easy to remember and doesn’t cause any legal problems. “Nike” is a good example of a smart name choice because it’s short, memorable, and associated with success.

As of 2022, the top 10 fashion brands included names like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Adidas, Nike, H&M, Zara, Prada, Ralph Lauren, and Versace. Keep in mind that these rankings can change, so it’s a good idea to check for the latest information.

Naming your fashion business is like giving it a personality. Choose a name that shows what your business is like and what it stands for. Think about what your customers would like. Make sure the name is easy to remember and that you can use it online. Check if the name is legally okay. “Forever 21” is a good example of a name that’s easy to remember and suggests a young and trendy vibe.

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