Unique & Creative Legendary Knight Names for Your Medieval Character

Knight Names

Are you looking for cool names for your online personality? You’re in luck! We’ve got a bunch of awesome Knight names just for you. When you play games online, having a good username is really important. It’s like your superhero name, showing everyone who you are in the game. Whether you want a scary name to intimidate your opponents or a brave name to show your courage, we’ve got plenty of knight name ideas for you to choose from.

But our list isn’t just for gamers. If you like writing stories about adventures and battles, our knight names can help you create awesome characters. Each name has its own story, ready for you to explore and use in your tales.

Or maybe you’re searching for a cool username for your social media accounts or online forums. Our knight names are perfect for that too. They’re unique and memorable, giving you a special identity wherever you go online.

But wait, there’s more! Our knight names aren’t just for the digital world. Whether you’re into content creation on YouTube or Instagram, dressing up as characters in a costume party, or just want to add some medieval flavor to your life, our names have you covered.

From brave knights like Sir Galahad to legendary places like Camelot, our list is full of names that are powerful and exciting. They come from stories and legends that have been around for centuries, adding a touch of magic to your adventures.

So, whether you’re a gamer, a writer, or just someone who loves a good story, come with us as we explore the amazing world of Knight Names Ideas. Let’s start this awesome quest together!

550+ Best Knight Names

Welcome to our collection of knight names! Here, you’ll find various names suitable for knights in multiple settings like games, stories, or just for fun. Each list has its unique theme, so whether you’re looking for brave names, magical names, or names inspired by nature, we’ve got you covered.

Look through our lists and choose the perfect name for your heroic character!

  • Sir Gareth
  • Sir Lancelot
  • Sir Percival
  • Sir Gawain
  • Sir Tristan
  • Sir Galahad
  • Sir Bedivere
  • Sir Kay
  • Sir Bors
  • Sir Ector
  • Sir Lionel
  • Sir Geraint
  • Sir Lamorak
  • Sir Pellinore
  • Sir Dagonet
  • Sir Agravain
  • Sir Balin
  • Sir Tor
  • Sir Gaheris
  • Sir Ywain
  • Sir Owain
  • Sir Mordred
  • Sir Lucan
  • Sir Palamedes
  • Sir Aglovale
  • Sir Geraint
  • Sir Leodegrance
  • Sir Hector
  • Sir Uther
  • Sir Gawaine

Knight Name Ideas

Discover really good names for knights. These Knight Names show bravery, honor, and strength. They’re perfect for your characters in games, stories, or online profiles.

  • Sir Tristan of Camelot
  • Sir Galahad the Pure
  • Sir Lancelot the Brave
  • Sir Percival the Valiant
  • Sir Gawain the Gallant
  • Sir Arthur Pendragon
  • Sir Bedivere the Faithful
  • Sir Kay the Seneschal
  • Sir Gareth the Noble
  • Sir Geraint the Gentle
  • Sir Bors the Younger
  • Sir Lamorak the Swift
  • Sir Ector the Steadfast
  • Sir Gawen the Gracious
  • Sir Owain the Defender
  • Sir Agravain the Ardent
  • Sir Gaheris the Loyal
  • Sir Pellinore the Vigilant
  • Sir Balin the Bold
  • Sir Balan the Mighty
  • Sir Tor the Trustworthy
  • Sir Lucan the Faithful
  • Sir Alain the Noble
  • Sir Mordred the Unyielding
  • Sir Dagonet the Jester
  • Sir Percard the Chivalrous
  • Sir Elyan the Courageous
  • Sir Lamorak the Lionheart
  • Sir Tristram the True
  • Sir Uther the Undefeated

Cool Knight Names

Find names for super cool knights. These cool knight names are stylish and powerful, making a big impression. They’re great for showing off your adventurous side.

  • Sir Shadowblade
  • Lady Fireheart
  • Sir Thunderclad
  • Lady Frostbane
  • Sir Ironclad
  • Lady Stormweaver
  • Sir Silvercrest
  • Lady Moonblade
  • Sir Nightfall
  • Lady Starlight
  • Sir Bloodfire
  • Lady Steelheart
  • Sir Swiftstrike
  • Lady Seraphina
  • Sir Blackthorn
  • Lady Emberwind
  • Sir Valorcrest
  • Lady Whisperwind
  • Sir Darkflame
  • Lady Wildheart
  • Sir Frostfang
  • Lady Shadowmere
  • Sir Duskblade
  • Lady Sunstrike
  • Sir Stoneguard
  • Lady Phoenixwing
  • Sir Dawnbreaker
  • Lady Silvermoon
  • Sir Ashenheart
  • Lady Skylark

Unique Knight Names

Explore special names for knights that are one-of-a-kind. These Knight names are different and memorable, perfect for those who want something unique.

  • Sir Evergreen
  • Lady Seraphina
  • Lord Nightshade
  • Lady Emberlyn
  • Sir Galen the Valiant
  • Lady Aveline of the Silver Lake
  • Sir Percival the Fearless
  • Lady Rowena the Wise
  • Sir Lysander the Bold
  • Lady Elowen the Enchantress
  • Sir Orion the Starborn
  • Lady Astrid the Valkyrie
  • Sir Thorne the Ironheart
  • Lady Seraphina the Phoenix
  • Sir Alaric the Crusader
  • Lady Lyra the Luminous
  • Sir Darian the Dragonheart
  • Lady Morgana the Mystical
  • Sir Tristan the Noble
  • Lady Briar the Braveheart
  • Sir Roderick the Righteous
  • Lady Evangeline the Eternal
  • Sir Rowan the Resolute
  • Lady Genevieve the Guardian
  • Sir Torin the Tempest
  • Lady Isolde the Illustrious
  • Sir Lucian the Lightbringer
  • Lady Ember the Eternal Flame
  • Sir Aurelius the Golden
  • Lady Caelia the Celestial

Cute Knightly Names

Check out cute names for knights. These Knightly Names are adorable and brave, perfect for pets or characters in stories. They’ll make you smile!

  • Sir Fluffington
  • Lady Buttercup
  • Sir Snuggleberry
  • Lady Petalheart
  • Sir Cuddlesworth
  • Lady Twinkletoes
  • Sir Marshmallow
  • Lady Daisybell
  • Sir Puddingpop
  • Lady Sparklewing
  • Sir Whiskerface
  • Lady Moonbeam
  • Sir Fuzzykins
  • Lady Rosethorn
  • Sir Sprinkles
  • Lady Sunflower
  • Sir Snugglepuff
  • Lady Rainbowspark
  • Sir Bumblebee
  • Lady Honeyblossom
  • Sir Velvetpaws
  • Lady Starlight
  • Sir Snickerdoodle
  • Lady Bubblegum
  • Sir Cupcake
  • Lady Lovelight
  • Sir Fluffykins
  • Lady Stardust
  • Sir Snugglebug
  • Lady Sweetberry

Creative Knight Names

Discover imaginative names for really creative knights. These Knight names are clever and unique, offering lots of options for making cool characters.

  • Sir Everard Stormshield
  • Lady Seraphina Moonblade
  • Sir Rowan Ironheart
  • Lady Elara Starcrest
  • Sir Aldric Swiftsteel
  • Lady Aveline Frostbane
  • Sir Reynard Embercloak
  • Lady Isolde Thornshield
  • Sir Tristan Shadowblade
  • Lady Briarwood Stormchaser
  • Sir Darian Flameheart
  • Lady Evangeline Silverleaf
  • Sir Thaddeus Lightbringer
  • Lady Lyra Swiftwind
  • Sir Cedric Thunderclaw
  • Lady Rowena Ravencrest
  • Sir Percival Dawnbreaker
  • Lady Aurelia Frostwind
  • Sir Galen Skywatcher
  • Lady Rhiannon Goldleaf
  • Sir Alden Blackthorn
  • Lady Elowen Sunfire
  • Sir Leander Nightfall
  • Lady Isadora Wildheart
  • Sir Aric Stonehammer
  • Lady Gwendolyn Moonshadow
  • Sir Lucian Frostfall
  • Lady Amara Starfire
  • Sir Emrys Dragonbane
  • Lady Talia Sunblade

Badass Names For the Knights

Find tough names for knights that show strength and fearlessness. These Knight names are for characters who aren’t afraid of anything.

  • Grimblade the Ruthless
  • Bloodfang the Merciless
  • Shadowstrike the Dark
  • Ironclad the Indomitable
  • Vortex Vengeance
  • Deathstalker the Unyielding
  • Ravenclaw the Fearless
  • Blackheart the Conqueror
  • Warbringer the Relentless
  • Skullcrusher the Unbowed
  • Doomblade the Implacable
  • Nightreaper the Savage
  • Hellfire the Infernal
  • Wraithblade the Untamed
  • Dreadnought the Fierce
  • Grimstorm the Untouchable
  • Venomstrike the Pitiless
  • Shadowslayer the Vicious
  • Stormbringer the Ferocious
  • Nightshade the Deadly
  • Inferno Fury
  • Grimclaw the Unforgiving
  • Blackthorn the Malevolent
  • Voidwalker the Invincible
  • Darkbane the Insatiable
  • Bonecrusher the Unrelenting
  • Hellhound the Dauntless
  • Doomhammer the Tenacious
  • Shadowflame the Cruel
  • Deathbringer the Implacable

Funny Names For A Knight

Laugh with funny names for knights. These Knight Names are silly and light-hearted, perfect for adding some humor to your games or stories.

  • Sir Loofah the Soft
  • Lady Gigglesalot
  • Sir Butterfingers
  • Lady Dizzyshield
  • Sir Quackalot
  • Lady Snortington
  • Sir Bumblefoot
  • Lady Wafflehelm
  • Sir Muffin Topple
  • Lady Bananaarmor
  • Sir Biscuitbuckler
  • Lady Snickerdoodle
  • Sir Jellojoust
  • Lady Cupcakecrusher
  • Sir Puddingpants
  • Lady Noodleknights
  • Sir Chucklesword
  • Lady Cheesegrin
  • Sir Silliness
  • Lady Giggleguard
  • Sir Wobblehelm
  • Lady Whimsywarrior
  • Sir Goofballgauntlet
  • Lady Funnyspear
  • Sir Tickletail
  • Lady Jesterjoust
  • Sir Guffawgear
  • Lady Chucklechampion
  • Sir Bellylaugh
  • Lady Sillyshield

Clever Names Of Knights

Enjoy smart names for knights that show intelligence and quick thinking. These Names Of Knights are for characters who use their brains as much as their strength.

  • Sir Witold the Witty
  • Lady Riddlesworth
  • Sir Quipper the Quick
  • Lady Jestina
  • Sir Banterlot
  • Lady Humoria
  • Sir Chuckleworth
  • Lady Clevera
  • Sir Punsley the Punny
  • Lady Wisecracker
  • Sir Sarcasmo
  • Lady Jesterina
  • Sir Jeston the Jocular
  • Lady Banterina
  • Sir Snickerlot
  • Lady Smartelle
  • Sir Wagglesworth
  • Lady Witsend
  • Sir Merriment
  • Lady Gigglesworth
  • Sir Riddler the Rambunctious
  • Lady Punnella
  • Sir Snarkleton
  • Lady Quipsalot
  • Sir Giggleworth
  • Lady Punsella
  • Sir Chuckleberry
  • Lady Jestelle
  • Sir Quirkwell
  • Lady Wisecrackelle

Names For Medieval Knights

Travel back in time with names for knights from the medieval era. These names for medieval knights are inspired by history and legends, adding an authentic feel to your stories or games.

  • Sir Tristan de Lorraine
  • Sir Cedric the Valiant
  • Sir Gareth of Blackwood
  • Sir Percival the Noble
  • Sir Lancelot de Montfort
  • Sir Galahad the Pure
  • Sir Reynard the Brave
  • Sir Gawain of Camelot
  • Sir Roland the Gallant
  • Sir Alistair the Bold
  • Sir Edmund the Righteous
  • Sir Godfrey the Lionheart
  • Sir Baldwin the Defender
  • Sir Darian the Fearless
  • Sir Leofric the Just
  • Sir Theobald the Stalwart
  • Sir Aldric the Resolute
  • Sir Everard the Worthy
  • Sir Bertram the Courageous
  • Sir Alaric the Steadfast
  • Sir Corbin the Honorable
  • Sir Emmeric the Chivalrous
  • Sir Percival the Gallant
  • Sir Cedric the Loyal
  • Sir Hugo the Magnificent
  • Sir Eldric the Tenacious
  • Sir Baldwin the Victorious
  • Sir Roderick the Regal
  • Sir Rowan the Dauntless
  • Sir Artorius the Righteous

Knight Names For Babies

Celebrate the spirit of chivalry with cute names for babies. These Knight names are perfect for little ones or anyone who loves medieval names.

  • Arthur
  • Guinevere
  • Tristan
  • Isolde
  • Lancelot
  • Elaine
  • Percival
  • Nimue
  • Gawain
  • Morgana
  • Gareth
  • Viviane
  • Galahad
  • Igraine
  • Merlin
  • Rowena
  • Ector
  • Ygraine
  • Mordred
  • Lynette
  • Bors
  • Nimiane
  • Agravain
  • Branwen
  • Dagonet
  • Morgause
  • Bedivere
  • Rhiannon
  • Pellinore
  • Morgaine

Inspiring Knight Names

Get inspired by names for knights that show courage and heroism. These Knight names remind us of the noble ideals of knighthood, inspiring greatness in characters and creators.

  • Valiant Valor
  • Noble Guardian
  • Gallant Spirit
  • Braveheart Defender
  • Chivalrous Champion
  • Radiant Paladin
  • Virtuous Vigilance
  • Resolute Sentinel
  • Luminous Guardian
  • Dauntless Defender
  • Beacon of Honor
  • Noble Knight Errant
  • Stalwart Protector
  • Gallant Guardian
  • Noble Crusader
  • Courageous Sentinel
  • Knightly Protector
  • Noble Defender
  • Valorous Guardian
  • Shield of Honor
  • Gallant Knight Errant
  • Steadfast Sentinel
  • Everlasting Guardian
  • Knightly Valor
  • Radiant Defender
  • Virtuous Guardian
  • Guardian of Light
  • Loyal Paladin
  • Noble Squire
  • Valiant Protector

Female Knights Names

Empower female characters with strong names for knights. These knights’ names show bravery and resilience, perfect for fierce heroines.

  • Lady Lyra Dawnblade
  • Sirah Rowena Stormguard
  • Lady Elara Swiftsteel
  • Siris Seraphina Starfire
  • Lady Ariadne Moonshield
  • Siritha Emberheart
  • Lady Althea Frostbane
  • Siriana Ravenwing
  • Lady Thalia Ironrose
  • Siryna Silverstride
  • Lady Isolde Nightingale
  • Siritha Emberblade
  • Lady Seraphina Skywatcher
  • Siriana Stormbreaker
  • Lady Selene Shadowthorn
  • Siritha Wildfire
  • Lady Gwendolyn Sunstrike
  • Sirina Mistwalker
  • Lady Rhiannon Duskblade
  • Siritha Swiftarrow
  • Lady Eowyn Starfall
  • Siriana Dragonheart
  • Lady Rowena Frostfang
  • Siritha Brightblade
  • Lady Isolde Skydancer
  • Siritha Thunderclaw
  • Lady Elara Moonwhisper
  • Siryna Dawnbringer
  • Lady Lyra Stormrider
  • Siriana Oakenshield

Dark Knight Names

Explore mysterious names for knights who walk the line between light and darkness. These dark knight names are dark and intriguing, great for characters with complex pasts.

  • Lord Shadowbane
  • Lady Nightshade
  • Lord Grimsteel
  • Lady Obsidian
  • Lord Darkheart
  • Lady Morana the Black
  • Lord Bloodmoon
  • Lady Ravenclaw
  • Lord Voidblade
  • Lady Seraphina the Sinister
  • Lord Duskbringer
  • Lady Whisperwind
  • Lord Blackthorn
  • Lady Lilith the Darkened
  • Lord Darkfang
  • Lady Nyx the Nocturnal
  • Lord Doombringer
  • Lady Vespera the Vile
  • Lord Shadowclaw
  • Lady Ebonfire
  • Lord Nightstalker
  • Lady Maleficent
  • Lord Grimshroud
  • Lady Shadowweaver
  • Lord Darkfire
  • Lady Obscura
  • Lord Dreadclaw
  • Lady Morwenna the Moonless
  • Lord Blackheart
  • Lady Darkenra

Strong Knight Names

Arm your characters with names that show strength and resilience. These Knight names are for heroes who face challenges and come out on top.

  • Sir Maximus Ironheart
  • Sir Thorgrim Stoneblade
  • Sir Valerius Stormbringer
  • Sir Ragnar Blacksteel
  • Sir Brutus Warhammer
  • Sir Darius Thunderbolt
  • Sir Hector Shadowbane
  • Sir Gideon Ironclad
  • Sir Lucius Firebrand
  • Sir Titus Darkhammer
  • Sir Magnus Battleborn
  • Sir Ares Bloodaxe
  • Sir Roland Swiftstrike
  • Sir Conrad Steelclaw
  • Sir Victor Dreadnought
  • Sir Damian Ironfist
  • Sir Felix Warcry
  • Sir Leonidas Swiftblade
  • Sir Gaius Ironhand
  • Sir Octavius Blackthorn
  • Sir Tybalt Thunderfist
  • Sir Desmond Stormrage
  • Sir Percival Bloodthorn
  • Sir Corvin Ironhelm
  • Sir Baldwin Warhammer
  • Sir Alaric Stonefist
  • Sir Caspian Steelhart
  • Sir Emeric Grimshield
  • Sir Roland Stormbreaker
  • Sir Thaddeus Darksteel

Fearless Knight Names

Discover names for knights that show bravery and courage. These Knight names are for characters who aren’t afraid to face danger head-on.

  • Sir Valor
  • Lady Phoenix
  • Sir Blazeheart
  • Lady Ember
  • Sir Thunderstrike
  • Lady Stormbreaker
  • Sir Ironclad
  • Lady Steelheart
  • Sir Shadowslayer
  • Lady Nightshade
  • Sir Swiftwind
  • Lady Wildfire
  • Sir Frostbite
  • Lady Frostfang
  • Sir Warhammer
  • Lady Bloodmoon
  • Sir Dragonbane
  • Lady Wyvern
  • Sir Eagle Eye
  • Lady Hawkwing
  • Sir Lionheart
  • Lady Tigress
  • Sir Dreadnought
  • Lady Serpentia
  • Sir Moonshadow
  • Lady Sunflare
  • Sir Thunderbolt
  • Lady Lightning
  • Sir Firebrand
  • Lady Starfall

Nature-Inspired Names For Knights

Find names for knights inspired by nature. These Knight names evoke the beauty and power of the natural world, perfect for characters who love the outdoors.

  • Oakheart Knight
  • Thornwood Defender
  • Mossbrook Guardian
  • Fernvale Sentinel
  • Sunbloom Champion
  • Wildwood Protector
  • Riverstone Paladin
  • Pinecrest Sentinel
  • Stormpeak Guardian
  • Meadowshade Knight
  • Willowmere Defender
  • Skyblossom Champion
  • Frostleaf Sentinel
  • Moonlit Grove Guardian
  • Starlight Meadow Paladin
  • Ripplebrook Knight
  • Cliffrose Defender
  • Emberwood Sentinel
  • Birchglade Guardian
  • Lavender Vale Paladin
  • Whispering Wind Knight
  • Sunlit Summit Defender
  • Aurora Lake Guardian
  • Misty Vale Sentinel
  • Dewdrop Knight
  • Cedarcrest Defender
  • Nightshade Guardian
  • Thistlewood Paladin
  • Duskfall Sentinel
  • Silverstream Knight

Knight Names from Pop Culture

Explore names for knights that come from movies, TV shows, or books. These Knight names are familiar and fun, perfect for fans of pop culture.

  • Sir Lancelot (Arthurian legends)
  • Sir Galahad (Arthurian legends)
  • Sir Gawain (Arthurian legends)
  • Sir Bedivere (Arthurian legends)
  • Sir Percival (Arthurian legends)
  • Sir Tristan (Arthurian legends)
  • Ser Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones)
  • Ser Brienne of Tarth (Game of Thrones)
  • Sir Robin of Locksley (Robin Hood)
  • Sir William Thatcher (A Knight’s Tale)
  • Sir Elyan (Merlin)
  • Sir Leon (Merlin)
  • Sir Gwaine (Merlin)
  • Sir Kay (Disney’s “The Sword in the Stone”)
  • Sir Didymus (Labyrinth)
  • Sir Guy of Gisbourne (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves)
  • Sir Boromir (The Lord of the Rings)
  • Sir Aragorn (The Lord of the Rings)
  • Sir Gimli (The Lord of the Rings)
  • Sir Eomer (The Lord of the Rings)
  • Sir Percy Blakeney (The Scarlet Pimpernel)
  • Ser Arthur Dayne (Game of Thrones)
  • Sir Daniel Fortesque (MediEvil)
  • Ser Davos Seaworth (Game of Thrones)
  • Sir Cedric (Disney’s “Sofia the First”)
  • Sir Didier (Shrek)
  • Sir Lionel (Disney’s “Quest for Camelot”)
  • Sir Didacus (The Adventures of Sir Didacus)
  • Ser Jorah Mormont (Game of Thrones)

Royal Name For A Knight

Discover a Name For A Knight that is fit for royalty. These names are elegant and majestic, perfect for characters with noble blood.

  • Sir Reginald the Regal
  • Lady Rosalind of the Royal Court
  • Sir Arthur the Aristocratic
  • Lady Eleanor of the Elite Guard
  • Sir Cedric the Crowned
  • Lady Isabella the Illustrious
  • Sir Percival the Peerless
  • Lady Guinevere of the Golden Throne
  • Sir Edmund the Exalted
  • Lady Victoria the Valiant
  • Sir Lancelot the Lordly
  • Lady Genevieve of the Glorious Realm
  • Sir Baldwin the Benevolent
  • Lady Adelaide the Admirable
  • Sir Henry the Honorable
  • Lady Arabella of the Royal Bloodline
  • Sir Richard the Resplendent
  • Lady Beatrice the Bountiful
  • Sir Frederick the Fair
  • Lady Cassandra the Courtly
  • Sir Alexander the August
  • Lady Sophia of the Sovereign Order
  • Sir Sebastian the Stalwart
  • Lady Charlotte of the Chivalrous Circle
  • Sir Edward the Eminent
  • Lady Amelia of the Noble Lineage
  • Sir William the Worthy
  • Lady Matilda the Majestic
  • Sir Geoffrey the Grand
  • Lady Elizabeth of the Enchanted Realm

Animal-Inspired Knight Names

Find names for knights inspired by animals. These Knight names are fierce and powerful, perfect for characters who embody the traits of their animal counterparts.

  • Sir Wolfric Swiftclaw
  • Sir Reynard Wildheart
  • Sir Griffin Ironbeak
  • Sir Hawkwood Talon
  • Sir Drake Firewing
  • Sir Bearrick Strongpaw
  • Sir Lynxley Shadowstalk
  • Sir Falconer Skyfeather
  • Sir Tigreth Thunderroar
  • Sir Foxton Swiftstride
  • Sir Pantherus Darkclaw
  • Sir Eagleon Starcrest
  • Sir Badgeron Ironhide
  • Sir Owlric Moonwing
  • Sir Wulfric Frostfang
  • Sir Ravenclaw Darkflight
  • Sir Lynxton Silentprowl
  • Sir Bearick Oakfur
  • Sir Hawkwood Swiftwing
  • Sir Wolfstan Moonhowl
  • Sir Foxley Brighteye
  • Sir Tigerius Goldstripe
  • Sir Drakeclaw Fireheart
  • Sir Badgeron Earthborn
  • Sir Lynxus Shadowwhisper
  • Sir Falconhart Stormwing
  • Sir Ravencrest Nightwing
  • Sir Owlrick Starfall
  • Sir Pantheron Thunderstrike
  • Sir Griffonclaw Skyfall

European Name Of A Knight

Explore names for knights from European countries. These Name Of A Knight have a classic and timeless feel, perfect for characters set in medieval Europe.

  • Sir Heinrich von Hohenberg (German)
  • Sir Jean de Montfort (French)
  • Sir Eriksson Bjornsson (Scandinavian)
  • Sir Rinaldo di Firenze (Italian)
  • Sir Alaric von Drachenberg (German)
  • Sir Philippe de Lorraine (French)
  • Sir Sigurdsson Olafsson (Scandinavian)
  • Sir Giovanni da Vinci (Italian)
  • Sir Wilhelm von Falkenstein (German)
  • Sir Guillaume de Beauvais (French)
  • Sir Magnusson Thorsson (Scandinavian)
  • Sir Leonardo de Medici (Italian)
  • Sir Dietrich von Adlerberg (German)
  • Sir Étienne de Bourgogne (French)
  • Sir Haraldsson Ragnarsson (Scandinavian)
  • Sir Marco de Verona (Italian)
  • Sir Reinhardt von Schwarzwald (German)
  • Sir Henri de Provence (French)
  • Sir Björnsson Sigurdsson (Scandinavian)
  • Sir Giovanni de Rossi (Italian)
  • Sir Friedrich von Hohenzollern (German)
  • Sir Gaston de Poitiers (French)
  • Sir Sven Olafsson (Scandinavian)
  • Sir Antonio di Genova (Italian)
  • Sir Konrad von Württemberg (German)
  • Sir René de Toulouse (French)
  • Sir Thorvaldsson Gunnarsson (Scandinavian)
  • Sir Francesco della Torre (Italian)
  • Sir Ulrich von Steinburg (German)
  • Sir Louis de Chartres (French)

Asian Knight Names

Discover names for knights inspired by Asian cultures. These Knight names are exotic and intriguing, perfect for characters with an Eastern flair.

  • Jiangwei the Dragonheart
  • Hachiman the Fearless
  • Ryujin the Stormblade
  • Chang’an the Eternal Guardian
  • Yumi the Sakura Knight
  • Shogun the Silent Sentinel
  • Shinobi the Shadowblade
  • Tokugawa the Noble Protector
  • Sun Tzu the Strategist Knight
  • Li Wei the Jade Defender
  • Arashi the Thunder Knight
  • Yoshimitsu the Steel Samurai
  • Hanako the Lotus Guardian
  • Ryuichi the Rising Sun Knight
  • Ming the Serene Sentinel
  • Ashikaga the Blossom Knight
  • Kiyoshi the Bamboo Protector
  • Katsumi the Crimson Blade
  • Kazuko the Cherry Blossom Knight
  • Baotong the Dragon Scale Defender
  • Haruka the Tranquil Guardian
  • Shang the Mountain Warrior
  • Daitan the Greatsword Knight
  • Meiying the Plum Blossom Sentinel
  • Feng the Wind Whisperer
  • Hideo the Bonsai Knight
  • Xian the Celestial Defender
  • Kamiko the Ember Blade
  • Jin the Golden Lotus Sentinel
  • Yue the Moonlit Guardian

Mythical Knight Names

Find names for knights inspired by myths and legends. These Knight names are magical and mysterious, perfect for characters who inhabit fantastical worlds.

  • Sir Galahad
  • Sir Lancelot
  • Sir Percival
  • Sir Gawain
  • Sir Tristan
  • Sir Bedivere
  • Sir Geraint
  • Sir Gareth
  • Sir Bors
  • Sir Kay
  • Sir Lamorak
  • Sir Balin
  • Sir Balan
  • Sir Ector
  • Sir Aglovale
  • Sir Tor
  • Sir Pellinore
  • Sir Agravain
  • Sir Gaheris
  • Sir Palamedes
  • Sir Lucan
  • Sir Elyan the White
  • Sir Colgrevance
  • Sir Segwarides
  • Sir Dagonet
  • Sir Brandiles
  • Sir Dodinas le Savage
  • Sir Mordred
  • Sir Lionel
  • Sir Ywain

Magical Knight Names

Explore names for knights imbued with magic. These Knight names are enchanting and otherworldly, perfect for characters who wield mystical powers.

  • Sir Arcanum the Enchanter
  • Lady Mystara of the Mystic Blade
  • Sir Runeblade the Radiant
  • Lady Celestia the Sorceress Knight
  • Sir Spellweaver the Spellbound
  • Lady Astraea the Arcane Guardian
  • Sir Enigma the Elemental
  • Lady Sorcha of the Starlight
  • Sir Magus the Magnificent
  • Lady Illusionia the Illustrious
  • Sir Phoenixfire the Phoenix Knight
  • Lady Elara the Enigmatic
  • Sir Alchemy the Alchemist Knight
  • Lady Aurora of the Astral Realm
  • Sir Mysticblade the Mythical
  • Lady Mirage the Mystical Warrior
  • Sir Solstice the Sorcery Sentinel
  • Lady Elysia the Elemental Enchanter
  • Sir Shadowcaster the Shadow Knight
  • Lady Feylin the Fey Knight
  • Sir Dreamweaver the Dream Knight
  • Lady Meridia the Magical Guardian
  • Sir Arcadia the Arcane Avenger
  • Lady Zephyra the Zenith Mage
  • Sir Enchantra the Enchanted Knight
  • Lady Sylphine the Sylph Sorceress
  • Sir Wizardry the Wizard Knight
  • Lady Selene the Spellweaving Sentinel
  • Sir Mythril the Mystic Guardian
  • Lady Etherea the Ethereal Enchanter

Fantasy Knight Names

Discover names for knights straight out of fantasy realms. These fantasy knight names are epic and imaginative, perfect for characters in epic adventures.

  • Sir Alderon Frostblade
  • Lady Seraphina Sunfire
  • Sir Aric Shadowcaster
  • Lady Elowen Starshield
  • Sir Darian Stormcaller
  • Lady Isolde Moonshadow
  • Sir Galen Emberheart
  • Lady Lyanna Frostwind
  • Sir Thorian Dragonbane
  • Lady Aveline Nightingale
  • Sir Draven Darkstorm
  • Lady Rowena Silvermoon
  • Sir Valerian Phoenixflame
  • Lady Elara Stardust
  • Sir Malachai Bloodmoon
  • Lady Evelina Skywatcher
  • Sir Lucian Shadowblade
  • Lady Morwynn Evergreen
  • Sir Ryker Stormbringer
  • Lady Caelia Mistwalker
  • Sir Aldric Thunderstrider
  • Lady Elara Whitewing
  • Sir Thaddeus Ironheart
  • Lady Amara Emberlight
  • Sir Corvus Nightfall
  • Lady Seraphina Wildheart
  • Sir Tristan Starfury
  • Lady Isolde Frostfire
  • Sir Leander Dawnbreaker
  • Lady Elara Moonshroud

Fancy Knight Names

Find names for knights that are elegant and sophisticated. These Knight names are for characters who exude charm and grace.

  • Sir Reginald de Montfort
  • Lady Seraphina Thornwood
  • Sir Percival Lancelot
  • Lady Guinevere Evergreen
  • Sir Cedric Ironhart
  • Lady Arabella Nightingale
  • Sir Tristan Blackwood
  • Lady Vivienne Silverlake
  • Sir Gawain Whitestone
  • Lady Isolde Ravenswood
  • Sir Alistair Goldenhelm
  • Lady Elara Starfrost
  • Sir Leopold Highwind
  • Lady Evelina Moonshadow
  • Sir Roderick Thunderblade
  • Lady Gwendolyn Frostfire
  • Sir Baldwin Stormrider
  • Lady Ophelia Sunflower
  • Sir Dorian Swiftarrow
  • Lady Rosalind Emberheart
  • Sir Galahad Whitewood
  • Lady Celestia Skyborn
  • Sir Percival Ironsoul
  • Lady Anabelle Dewdrop
  • Sir Cedric Blackthorn
  • Lady Elowen Brightwater
  • Sir Tristan Silvercrest
  • Lady Aurora Frostwind
  • Sir Alexander Dawnblade
  • Lady Cordelia Stormborne

Male Knight Names

Explore names for male knights. These male knight names are strong and masculine, perfect for brave heroes and valiant warriors.

  • Sir William
  • Sir Richard
  • Sir Henry
  • Sir Edward
  • Sir Alexander
  • Sir Geoffrey
  • Sir Robert
  • Sir Thomas
  • Sir John
  • Sir Charles
  • Sir Frederick
  • Sir Albert
  • Sir Arthur
  • Sir James
  • Sir Michael
  • Sir David
  • Sir Peter
  • Sir Christopher
  • Sir Daniel
  • Sir Joseph
  • Sir Nicholas
  • Sir Simon
  • Sir Patrick
  • Sir Stephen
  • Sir Brian
  • Sir Lawrence
  • Sir Gerald
  • Sir Anthony
  • Sir Martin
  • Sir Ronald

Holy Knight Names

Discover names for knights with a divine purpose. These holy knight names are sacred and noble, perfect for characters who fight for justice and righteousness.

  • Sir Gabriel the Pure
  • Sir Michael the Defender
  • Sir Raphael the Healer
  • Sir Uriel the Illuminated
  • Sir Azrael the Avenger
  • Sir Zadkiel the Just
  • Sir Jophiel the Virtuous
  • Sir Metatron the Divine
  • Sir Seraphiel the Serene
  • Sir Barachiel the Blessed
  • Sir Cassiel the Steadfast
  • Sir Anael the Compassionate
  • Sir Remiel the Mercyful
  • Sir Raziel the Wise
  • Sir Sariel the Guardian
  • Sir Haniel the Gracious
  • Sir Jerahmeel the Redeemer
  • Sir Nathanael the Faithful
  • Sir Ariel the Radiant
  • Sir Sandalphon the Devout
  • Sir Selaphiel the Chosen
  • Sir Raguel the Righteous
  • Sir Zaphkiel the Forgiven
  • Sir Gadreel the Defender
  • Sir Chamuel the Valiant
  • Sir Orifiel the Noble
  • Sir Eremiel the Resolute
  • Sir Erelim the Watchful
  • Sir Ophaniel the Guiding Light
  • Sir Tzaphqiel the Beacon of Hope

Evil Knight Names

Find names for knights with a dark side. These evil knight names are sinister and menacing, perfect for characters who embrace the shadows.

  • Lord Malevolent
  • Lady Darkblade
  • Lord Grimdark
  • Lady Bloodthorn
  • Lord Shadowspawn
  • Lady Blackheart
  • Lord Dreadfang
  • Lady Nightshade
  • Lord Vilebane
  • Lady Sinistra
  • Lord Malice
  • Lady Ravenna the Ruthless
  • Lord Shadowclaw
  • Lady Morbidia
  • Lord Darkscourge
  • Lady Cruella the Cursed
  • Lord Infernus
  • Lady Malificent
  • Lord Grimscythe
  • Lady Vexia the Vicious
  • Lord Deathbringer
  • Lady Sable the Sinister
  • Lord Necrosis
  • Lady Belladonna
  • Lord Wraithblade
  • Lady Ebonara
  • Lord Venomspite
  • Lady Hecate the Hateful
  • Lord Desolator
  • Lady Serpentina the Serpent-Tongued

Ancient Knight Names

Explore Knight Names from ancient times. These ancient knight name ideas are steeped in history and tradition, perfect for characters with a rich heritage.

  • Sir Aurelius the Gallant
  • Lady Valeria the Virtuous
  • Sir Quintus the Noble
  • Lady Livia the Wise
  • Sir Tiberius the Brave
  • Lady Junia the Resolute
  • Sir Lucius the Valiant
  • Lady Cornelia the Just
  • Sir Marcellus the Honorable
  • Lady Claudia the Stoic
  • Sir Octavius the Fearless
  • Lady Antonia the Defender
  • Sir Cassius the Strong
  • Lady Fabia the Regal
  • Sir Decimus the Unyielding
  • Lady Flavia the Merciful
  • Sir Gaius the Stoic
  • Lady Hortensia the Courageous
  • Sir Julius the Dauntless
  • Lady Lucilla the Faithful
  • Sir Marcus the Steadfast
  • Lady Octavia the Gracious
  • Sir Publius the Righteous
  • Lady Sabina the Loyal
  • Sir Titus the Determined
  • Lady Valentina the Benevolent
  • Sir Vespasian the Magnificent
  • Lady Drusilla the Serene
  • Sir Cassian the Stalwart
  • Lady Marilla the Tranquil

Famous Knight Names

Discover names for knights that are legendary and renowned. These Knight names are iconic and unforgettable, perfect for characters who leave a lasting legacy.

  • King Arthur Pendragon
  • Sir Lancelot du Lac
  • Sir Galahad
  • Sir Gawain
  • Sir Percival
  • Sir Tristan
  • Sir Bedivere
  • Sir Gareth
  • Sir Kay
  • Sir Ector
  • Sir Palamedes
  • Sir Bors de Ganis
  • Sir Lamorak
  • Sir Gawain
  • Sir Ector de Maris
  • Sir Geraint
  • Sir Cador
  • Sir Gawain
  • Sir Gaheris
  • Sir Aglovale
  • Sir Tor
  • Sir Yvain (Owain)
  • Sir Tristan
  • Sir Balin le Savage
  • Sir Balan
  • Sir Lucan
  • Sir Agravain
  • Sir Mordred
  • Sir Percival
  • Sir Gareth
Knight Names

Characteristics of  Strong and Cool Names for Knights

When choosing a name for a knight, it’s important to consider the characteristics of the cool names for knights to ensure they fit various purposes. Here are the key attributes that make a knight’s name strong and effective for different uses:

Strength and Power of Cool Names for Knights

  1. Mighty Connotations: The name should evoke feelings of strength and power, reflecting the knight’s prowess on the battlefield.
  2. Commanding Presence: A strong knight name commands respect and instills fear in adversaries, showcasing the knight’s authority.
  3. Symbolic Significance: Names with meanings related to strength, such as “Valor” or “Titan,” emphasize the knight’s ability to overcome challenges.

Nobility and Honorable Knight Names

  1. Chivalrous Ideals: A noble knight’s name embodies virtues like honor, courage, and loyalty, reflecting the code of chivalry.
  2. Dignified Demeanor: The name should convey a sense of nobility and grace, representing the knight’s commitment to righteousness.
  3. Ethical Undertones: Names associated with honor and integrity, like “Sir Galahad” or “Lady Guinevere,” exemplify the knight’s moral character.

Memorable and Unique Knight Name Ideas

  1. Distinctive Identity: A memorable knight name sets the individual apart from others, making them easily recognizable on the battlefield.
  2. Uniqueness Factor: Names that are uncommon or unconventional capture attention and leave a lasting impression.
  3. Visual Impact: The name should paint a vivid picture in the minds of allies and foes alike, adding to the knight’s legend and legacy.

Creative Approaches for Creating Cool Names for a Knight

Crafting cool names for a knight involves creativity and imagination. Here are some inventive methods for generating knight names, along with tips and examples:

Wordplay and Puns:

Have fun with wordplay by incorporating puns and clever twists into the knight’s name.

  • Example: “Sir Lancelot the Jester” or “Lady Beatrice the Banterer” infuse humor into the name, adding a touch of whimsy to the knight’s persona.

Alliteration and Rhyme:

Experiment with alliteration and rhyming patterns to create names that are pleasing to the ear and easy to remember.

  • Example: “Sir Steelheart” uses alliteration to evoke strength and resilience, while “Lady Emberly” employs rhyming words for a musical and memorable name.

Symbolism and Meaning:

Choose names with deep symbolism or metaphorical connections to add richness and complexity to the knight’s identity.

  • Example: “Lady Phoenix” symbolizes rebirth and resilience, while “Sir Evergreen” metaphorically represents strength and endurance.

Tips for Brainstorming Knight Names

Coming up with the perfect name for your knight can be an exciting journey. Here are some simple tips to help you brainstorm knight names:

  • Drawing Inspiration from Literature and History: Look into books, stories, and historical accounts for inspiration. Explore tales of legendary knights from literature and history to get ideas for names that carry a sense of tradition and honor.
  • Seeking Input from Peers and Experts: Share your ideas with friends, family, or online communities to gather different perspectives. Discussing your knight name ideas with others can provide fresh insights and suggestions, helping you refine your choices and find the perfect name.
  • Unleashing Creativity and Imagination: Set aside time to brainstorm freely without worrying about rules or limitations. Allow your thoughts to flow freely by jotting down any words or ideas that come to mind. Use mind maps to visually organize your thoughts and explore connections between different concepts, unleashing your creativity and imagination in the process.


our guide has provided a variety of knight names for different uses like gaming, storytelling, or online profiles. We’ve gathered names that are strong, noble, and unique, suitable for anyone seeking a heroic identity. Whether you’re battling foes in a virtual world or weaving tales of adventure, our collection offers options to suit your needs.

Additionally, we’ve shared creative methods for brainstorming knight names. Our tips aim to help you find the perfect name that resonates with your character and adds depth to your storytelling or online presence.

Our guide is here to guide you on your quest for the perfect moniker. So dive in, explore our knight names, and embark on your own epic adventure!


A famous knight from Arthurian legend is Sir Lancelot, known for his bravery and loyalty to King Arthur.

While “Knight” is primarily a title or surname, it can also be used as a unique first name, especially in modern contexts.

The name “Arthur” is often associated with knights, as it is derived from the legendary King Arthur, who led the Knights of the Round Table.

Knights were typically depicted as noble and honorable characters in medieval literature and history. While there may be instances of knights with morally ambiguous traits, they were not typically associated with explicitly evil names.

“Knightly” is not commonly used as a first name but can be a unique and creative choice for parents seeking a name inspired by chivalry and knighthood.

Arabic names that evoke the spirit of knighthood and valor include “Salahuddin” (meaning “righteousness of the faith”), “Amir” (meaning “prince” or “commander”), and “Fahad” (meaning “leopard” or “panther”)

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